Sin Reversa

Sin Reversa is a short film which tells the story of David, 15 years, who is faced by the challenge to commit a serious crime. There is a lot to gain and maybe also, a lot to lose... 

Information about the film
6 min

Format: 1080p

Genre: Fiction/Action

Production company: FilmCom Studios

(Final) production year: 2019

Country of production: Colombia

Original dialogue language: Spanish

Subtitles: English



Director: Urban Skargren

Screenplay by: Paulo Fillion

Story idea by: Carlos Torres and Pedro Pallares

Producers: Paulo Fillion and Urban Skargren

Director of photography: Tyron Gallego

Production designer: Michelle Fernández

Editor: Urban Skargren
Sound recordist: Federico Franco

Casting: Juan Carlos Toro Foronda and Urban Skargren

First assistant director: Paulo Fillion

Second assistant director: Juan Carlos Toro Foronda

Script supervisor: Sarai Mejía

Assistant production managers: Maritza González Quintero, Maryolis Martínez, Sarai Mejía and Alejandra Sepúlveda

Accounting: Maritza González Quintero


Camera operator: Alexander Cardona

Focus puller: Camilo Gil

Gaffer: Gustavo Londoño

Grip: Joshua Vélez

Production assistant: Susan Arrieta

Art designer: Oliver Häberlin

Costume and Makeup supervisor: Carolina Duque

Continuity and set dressing assistant: Catalina Reaño

Costume and special effects assistant: Omar Villadiego

Makeup supervisor: Erica Tieck

Makeup artists: Claudia Levya, Nadia Liseth García and Claudia Vargas

Stunt and special effect supervisor: Alexander Sánchez

Stunt assistant: Luís Zapata

Post-producción and VFX supervisor: Urban Skargren

VFX consultant: Felipe Betancur / Sky-Branding

VFX assistant: Jonatan Gutiérrez

Sound mix: Carlos Arcila / Filmsound

Reshoot assistant: Lorena Jiménez

Reshoot sound recordist: Gabriel Chancí

Catering: Sindy Ocampo

Transport: Oliver Häberlin


Reshoot transport: Carlos Restrepo

ADR recording: David Hernández

ADR studio: Primero EstuDios

Sound effects: 

Pictures from the film: