Sin Reversa (No Return)

Every decision in your life has consequences - some more than others.

David, 15 years, is asked to commit a serious crime. Will he do it?


Sin Reversa (No Return) is a short film of 6 minutes produced by FilmCom Studios and directed by Urban Skargren. It uses a unique style and shooting technique.


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Salomé is a short film of 15 minutes produced by FilmCom Studios telling the story of Salomé, a 14-year old girl who comes to an art workshop, where she suddenly is faced with unexpected events.

The film is directed by Urban Skargren.


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By Your Side

By Your Side (A tu lado) is a 9-minute short film produced by FilmCom Studios and directed by Juan Carlos Vanegas. It was shot in Medellín, starring Colombian actor Pedro Pallares, known from many television series.

It depicts the extreme differences of living standards in Colombia.

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The Winning Choice

Camilo is a boy in Medellin who is dreaming of becoming a football star. But his older brother has other plans for him.

The Winning Choice (Selección Ganadora), directed by Urban Skargren, is a short film of 12 minutes produced by FilmCom Studios.


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There is no neighborhood like ours!

This 30-minute pilot of a tv-series, in Spanish called Una comuna como ninguna, is a crazy comedy produced by FilmCom Studios in Bucaramanga, Colombia. It tells the story of Timotea, Mohamed, Doña Pureza and Celedonio, who experience adventures together in a fictitious neighborhood.

The episode was directed by Urban Skargren and was produced for R.S.O., a Colombian occupational health company.


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Value commercials

FilmCom Studios has produced the commercials for ViValores, a foundation promoting sound values for society and families.

Possible upcoming film projects:



Hero is a short film of 30 minutes that takes place in the year of 2032. Martin is left by his girlfriend and goes to rent a humanoide. The robot, whose name is Tierna, is programmed to be tender and submissive. But Tierna also has needs, something that Martin discovers along the way. Through being with Tierna Martin discovers new things about life.


This project is currently (2019) waiting for financing.

A Promise
A Promise (Promesa) is a short film of 25 minutes that is intended to be shot in Medellin. It is the story of a father of a displaced who tries to get his daughter a present for her birthday.

This film is currently (2019) waiting for financing.

Tenzin's Dilemma

Tenzin's Dilemma is the story of Tenzin, an eight-year-old Tibetan boy who dreams of becoming a yak herdsman, but Buddhist monks believe he is a reincarnated Lama, and so do his parents.

Tenzin cries out for help, but will anybody hear him?


Tenzin's Dilemma is currently (2019) waiting for financing.